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Pietro Lipera.


Solicitor Pietro Lipera was born in Catania July 25th1921. At the age of only 23, in 1944, during the second world war, he achieves his law degree brilliantly. Only three years later, on the day of his 26th birthday he becomes a lawyer and solicitor and at only 29 years of age, he becomes a legal attorney in the Court of Cassation.

He was the eldest and had three younger sisters. Probably the premature death of his father (he was only 9 years old) made him a man with a very rebellious temperament. Therefore, his mother was forced to send him to Seminary to become a priest but from where he escaped.

Instead, he chose the direction of advocacy where he distinguished himself as a great speaker. His masters were Giovanni Motta and Filippo Guzzardi, who at that time were a big colossus of the courthouse of Catania.

After 50 years his interest arose in occult science and he established a Study Centre for Parapsychology ‘’PARACELSO’’ a cultural Catanese Lounge that has lasted until his death.


Masterpiece: Mondo Esoterico, Papino Editrice, Enna, ISBN 88-85214-04-5.

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